Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Top 10: Obamamama and Ayers


"Top Ten Excuses I Didn't Know My BFF Willy Ayers Was a Terrorist"

10) Community organizing takes up a lot of time.
9) Jeremiah Wright vouched for him.
8) I’ve always been a supporter of Don’t Ask Don’t tell.
7) There was nothing about it in the Indonesian Press at the time.
6) It wasn’t on the teleprompter.
5) I thought Republicans would like him because he’s bitter and into guns.
4) I was busy that day picking up my $105,849 check from Fannie Mae with my good buddies Doodad Pro and Good Will.
3) I thought terrorists all had names that sounded like…well…mine.
2) How was I supposed to know? After all, he looked like all the other guys on the dollar bill.
1) I really did know and I'm LYING.

Stolen directly from Creative Minority

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Shoebox said...

And from either Rush or Hannity...

"What do OBL and Barack Obama have in common? They both have friends who have bombed the Pentagon!"