Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Threatening "What It Means To Be American"

Warner's a back-bench Democrat, but it's safe to say that he speaks for the Party's elite (and for the Country Club Republicans, for that matter.)

At a campaign stop, Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), includes homeschoolers in a list of people who "threaten what it means to be an American." His entire list consists of people who believe in Christ, people who believe in life, people who believe in the Second Amendment, and people who believe in educating their own children. Warner summarizes as the threat as "people who have all sorts of different views."

And you all thought that John Dewey was admirable, eh?

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Jay Anderson said...

Mark Warner is not a Senator yet. He's the former Governor of Virginia who is running to replace retiring Sen. John Warner. (I'm sure he's counting on confusion about his last name in order to get elected.)

Of course, John Warner (RINO-VA) shares Mark Warner's contempt for the conservative base of the Republican Party.