Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sarah Palin in Action

From the first-person narrative found here.

I thought she'd hurriedly sign one ankle, but she signed "Sarah" on one side, [of a prosthetic shoe] then flipped it around and signed "Palin" on the other

...When I shared the story with some lefty friends, I said I couldn't explain why I see a totally different person than a lot of them see when they look at Gov. Palin, and I didn't particularly care to try as I didn't want to argue. What I see is someone who radiates love and compassion, someone who reminds me of my mother and other wonderful women in my life, someone who makes me want to do great things

And a brilliant turn of phrase:

...Even when we can't see those special joys right away, our faith lets us trust we will see suffering turned right-side-out someday. I would still be here if my parents had known about my leg before I was born, because my mother is a lot like Sarah Palin,

...In response to people who said it would have been better if a certain disabled little girl had never been born, the great Flannery O'Conner [sic] wrote, "In the absence of faith, we govern by tenderness. And tenderness leads to the gas chamber."

O'Connor was right, of course; and Palin is the anti-gas-chamber politician.

That is why the Furies and the Harpies and the Worshippers of Mammon cannot stand to see her.


Bekah said...

I'm the Rebekah who wrote that, and wanted to thank you so much for your kind remarks. But especially pointing out that I misspelled O'Connor's last name. Ack, some fan I am! In my defense, I wrote that after being awake for forty solid hours, after the rally.

I'm in touch with some reporters wanting to run the story, and was able to correct that thanks to you. :-)

Dad29 said...

Honored to have you visit this blog!

Best wishes as life goes on, Bekah...

Other Side said...

What's that word you so freely use when describing women you don't like that starts with the letter "B"?

I wonder how Bekah would feel about that?

Bekah said...

Other Side,

Bekah quite frankly doesn't give a damn. She'll be handing over her uterus and ovaries post haste.

Amy said...

And what's the latest fashion craze of lefties? A shirt with the c-word in reference to Palin, OS.

Grim said...

We love Gov. Palin down here. Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense.

Other Side said...

The t-shorts worn by those young "adults" were offensive in the extreme.

What's your point, Amy? That it's ok for daddio to be offensive toward women just because some kids acted like idiots?

So much for morals and values among conservatives.

Dad29 said...

OS is jealous. I get to say what I think.

He's not allowed to do so.