Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate Topics Avoided by MSM

It's possible that the MSM-selected 'debate' topics have not included the 2nd Amendment, abortion, gay "marriage," immigration, and compulsory military service for women only because the MSM's Inquiring "Minds" have had an interest in war and economics.

That would explain this, I guess:

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, first of all, thank you both for all you're doing for our country. I wanted to ask you about -- about the issue of abortion, and specifically about the debate a couple of nights ago. The moderator cleverly never brought this -- the question up.And with the debate coming up again, I would ask if you're going to find a way to bring the subject up, even if it's not asked about, because I firmly believe it's an issue which you have the advantage.

[CNN announcer] PHILLIPS: John McCain campaigning in Waukesha, Wisconsin. You can still watch this live, if you want, at He's talking about your money and his pledge to bring it back.

Note that CNN simply cut out McCain's response to the question. It's gone--and not even present on the transcript.

It's not merely Palin-bashing and smearing by the Harpies, folks. There are other ways to manage the news...

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