Friday, October 03, 2008

The REAL Debate

Missed the Big Show last night--showed up in time to watch Hannity/Colmes in their after-debate shout-and-screamfest. (I hate that show...)

So Dick Morris is brought in to comment on the debate, and he opines that Palin hit it out of the park with the bases loaded, was spectacular, was a game-changer, and so forth.

Comrade Colmes immediately went to the Dem talking points, simply deciding NOT to address the question of "success" in the debate.

Morris was more than a little angry, and told Colmes to 'save his Democrat talking points for some other audience,' that he, Morris, was asked to render an opinion on the debate, and that if Colmes wanted to fill the air with blarney, he should STFU (not exactly what he said, but you get the point...) You could see it on Morris' face. He was mightily PO'd.

Colmes was stunned. So was Hannity. (So was I.) There was a moment of blessed silence...

Best TV I saw last night. Certainly better than watching that Philly grand-slam in the 3rd...

UPDATE: You can see the fur fly here.


Other Side said...

Who GAF what Morris says? He's a jilted girlie man, who's still angry at the Clintons.

Colmes isn't much better.

Why were you watching that dreck, daddio?

M.E. said...

Oh my gosh, yes, it was hilarious! Best TV I've ever seen. Refreshing to see that level of candor, isn't it? And Colmes deserved it, 100%.