Friday, October 03, 2008

Calling Wisconsin Legislators! (Or VanHollen)

Hey! Wake up out there in Madistan!

Headless has an excellent essay which establishes that the Wisconsin Legislature's "residency" requirement for voting is simply a sham.

...For college students the residency test is pretty simple. Their home is the place where they live when they are not in school during the summer. If they stay in their apartment near campus in Madison, that is their home. But if they pack up and return to Mommy’s house when classes end in May, their residence is in Naperville, not Madison.

...Although the UW is abundantly clear and rational as to who is resident and who is a non-resident, the legislature provides an irrational and arbitrary loophole in the voting laws.

And then he drops the bomb:

6.10 Elector residence. (12) Student status shall not be a consideration in determining residence for the purpose of establishing voter eligibility.

Which leads to this unconscionable situation:

This Statutory wording provides the University of Wisconsin with direction to facilitate voter fraud. It is already established that university residence halls cannot be the residence of the students that live in them for nine months of the year. By registering and voting by declaring their dorm room as their “residence,” these student have committed vote fraud. The university officials are parties to these fraudulent acts by certifying that these transient locations are the bona fide residence of the students.

When transient student population in Wisconsin is 34K, and Gore won by 5K, Kerry by 11K, there's every reason to CLARIFY THE LAW!!

Get to it.

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