Saturday, October 11, 2008

Palin's "Ethics Violation": Pure BS

It doesn't take much intelligence to smell the rat in 'Democrat.'

But for the perpetually-offended and obtuse (read Democrats), here's the scoop:

Van Flein [Palin's attorney] says Branchflower's finding that Palin violated the ethics act is flawed because she received no monetary benefit from whatever actions she and her husband are accused of. He cited several prior ethics investigations.

"The common thread of all of these Ethics Act cases is money and the use of a government position to personally gain," Van Flein's statement says.

"Here, there is no accusation, no finding and no facts that money or financial gain to the Governor was involved in the decision to remove Monegan," the governor's attorney says. "There can be no ethics violations under these circumstances."

Unless you have to find something for the purpose of smearing Palin, of course.

Further, the "ethics violations" consisted exclusively of Palin's 'failure to restrain her husband's interactions with members of the administration.....trying to get the trooper fired.'


Let's put that another way: Todd Palin lost all rights of redress as a citizen because his wife is Governor?

What crap.


Gustav said...

Of course you would think ethics violations are crap. As long as they're not "breaking the law," then they are okay in your book. Fortunately, the majority of Alaskans and the majority of the lower 48 disagree with you.

Anonymous said...

This is the same sort of b.s. they chased after Clinton with. Are you saying that might have been some smearing behind Whitewater?

-Jo Mamma

Dad29 said...

What "majority," Gus?

And speaking of crap, gus, cut the crap yourself.

The only "ethics" which count are those directly traceable to moral principles.

You maintain that it is immoral for Palin's husband to try to get that piece of shit "cop" off the payroll?

You like piece of shit cops, gus?

Anonymous said...

The piece of shit cop was totally acceptable until he divorced Palin's sister. Check out when the "bad behavior" started and then explain why it was tolerated up til then.

Vir Speluncae Orthodoxae said...

*shrugs* Politicians. They all do this stuff.

Bernard Brandt said...

I think that there are other, and better, reasons for finding the Branchflower report invalid. I believe that they are stated in the latest entry of my weblog.


Anonymous said...

I wish McCain would never have picked her, no matter how you work this issue, it doesn't make me feel better. She has more than a few shortcomings, my wife started disliking her a few days after the convention, finally I couldn't hack it either, she really isn't up to the game she was thrown into.