Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lawrence U: Violating WI Election Law Wholesale?

Well, well.

Now that Headless demonstrated that students living in dormitories may not be eligible to vote in Wisconsin, Lawrence University announced a goal!

Lawrence University leaders are hoping to have 100 percent voter turnout at the polls.

Election season swept in mightily this week with volunteers carving out hours each day to register students and faculty at the campus of about 1,400.

As of Thursday, volunteers had processed some 345 forms.

The article's wording is vague enough to leave a little doubt as to whether these registrations will be in Wisconsin or in the actual State of residence of the students, but there may be a hint here:

There won't be any excuse not to get to the polls next month, Fuerst said. The campus is providing four shuttles to the polls from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

If I were JB Van Hollen, I'd be making an inquiring phone call or two....


asianbadger said...

Actually, if you were JB van Hollen, you'd be wandering around at the Madison farmer's market and wondering if you should pick up some beer on the way home.

mal said...

You are incorrect, sir.

Under Wisconsin law and rules derived from HAVA, you need to establish your voter identification and your voter residency [a citizen living at his/her home/apartment/dorm/room for 10 days prior to voting]


Why rightwingers attempt to suppress the vote is clear.

But your lack of respect for a classical liberal demoracy is appalling.

Dad29 said...

Mal, you're un-informed--no surprise.

Read the statutes, not GAB blather.

You want to establish residency? Pay Wisconsin taxes, get a WI DL, and title your car here, too.

Otherwise, you live with Mommy and Daddy.

Prosqtor said...

I wonder if anyone knows an Outagamie Prosecutor, or sheriff's detective...


Dad29 said...

All my pals in Outagamie wound up in St. E' know which part.

coldH2O said...

Funny how you ReThugs just don't believe in democracy. I'll give you this, however, I'd be doing everything I could to suppress the vote, since your brand has proven toxic for America & no one with an ounce of compassion or a half ounce of brains would vote for you.