Friday, September 12, 2008

Georgia Into NATO? No, Thanks

McPain/Palin think that Georgia should be admitted to NATO.

That position is indefensible.

UPDATE: Vox quotes Spengler on Georgia and Ukraine.

The fact is that there won't be any Georgians or Ukrainians in the not-too-distant future. By coincidence, Washington's two favorite beacons of liberty happen to be the two countries with the world's fastest rate of population decline. By mid-century they will have barely half as many inhabitants as they do today, and half of those who remain will be elderly. Hardly [any] men of military age and women of child-bearing age will remain. Their economies will implode long before the mid-century mark, as soaring retirement costs crush state budgets, and young people emigrate to escape the burden of supporting the elderly.

Putin's Mother Russia ain't doing so well population-wise, either.

If McPain/Palin are smart, they'll just dawdle around on the question until absolutely nobody is left in the entire Caucasus, which won't be all that long.


Anonymous said...

Russia may be in a demographic downward spiral but don't under-estimate the growing influence of the Orthodox Church, or the abillity of the Putin gov't to take drastic action with lightning speed.

It wouldn't be too far fetched to imagine that as the resource rich provinces of Russia become more empty and China looks to them with envy, that the Putin gov't which is trying all sorts of plans to up fertility rates would outlaw abortion real quick.

Dad29 said...

You make an interesting point with PRC's lust after Russian territory, specifically Siberia, where all the good stuff is buried.

Putin may have to move his troops in THAT direction. Another reason not to worry about the eastern front of Russia.