Friday, September 12, 2008

Doyle's Boyzzz: "Screw Fair Elections"

Predictably, One Wisconsin Now, headed by someone who really ought to know about illegal activities in government, doesn't like JB VanHollen's suit asking for the G A B to actually do its job. Scot Ross has a history, folks.

One Wisconsin Now, a group that has been criticizing McCain and other Republicans, said Van Hollen should step aside in the case because of his role with the McCain campaign.

Right. Enforcing law is 'partisan.'

So laws which are inconvenient to Doyle's Boyzzz are also 'partisan,' by extension. Hmmmmm?

The lawsuit's goals are entirely reasonable:

Van Hollen said he wants the board to also check records for the 241,000 voters who registered or changed their addresses between Jan. 1, 2006, and Aug. 5, 2008, if they filed their paperwork by mail or with special registration deputies who work for volunteer groups

Nat Robinson, the board’s elections administrator, said he believed the suit would affect anyone who filed paperwork on or after Jan. 1, 2006 — about 1 million people, including those who registered at the polls or in a clerk’s office

A MILLION people? Is Nat trying to say that 1/5th of Wisconsin's population registered to vote since 1/1/06? That's a helluvalotta people, Nat.

There is a reason for VanHollen's action:

One in five voters who were checked last month initially failed the tests, often because of typos or missing initials.

A bloglodyte who is very familiar with database merges and reconciliations (and who is conservative in most respects) suggests that the 'typos/initials' may account for the vast majority of the problems. If that's the case, GAB shouldn't have a problem.

But the GAB cannot be allowed to shrug off a 20% error rate as 'inconsequential.' That is irresponsible.

And that's the point of the lawsuit.


Other Side said...

Timing, daddio, timing.

Amy said...

Yeah - no doubt with Wisconsin and other swing states being so close to going McCain, we can't have the pro-Obama cheaters denied the right to rig the election.

So it *is* all about timing, other side.