Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Toasters v. Real Cars and Red Blood Cells

P-Mac cites a writer who emphatically has Red Blood cells:

"Lots of people these days see cars as mere appliances that can be re-jiggered with an electric motor or a fuel cell and sent puttering down the road like some jazzed-up can-opener on wheels. Pardon my French, but that's a bunch of donkey dust. No appliance sounds like a '67 427 Corvette or a new Ferrari F430 or a Hemi-powered '32 Ford hot rod.

...One hot July several years ago, the folks in the Southwest regional office of Ford handed me the keys to a pre-production 2005 Ford GT and told me to have it back by morning...When I stopped, men and women loped out of nearby buildings to bask in its ferocious heat and ask dozens of questions. ‘What is it?' ‘How fast will it go?' ‘How much did it cost?

..."Ever seen a toaster provoke that sort of passion?"

Red Blood Cells are hard to find in the latte set of bloglodytes. The Red-Cell-Missing syndrome has a number of markers--aversion to dangerous weapons, fast cars, and films in which the US Armed Forces do the right thing, bloodily if necessary.

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John Foust said...

See, if you had a Prius, you'd be blogging about people asking you questions about your mileage.