Saturday, August 16, 2008

State Elections Division Blames Postal Workers (??)

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board has an Elections Division.

The Elections Division checks voter-registrations.

And they make very .....curious.....statements.

The state checks all voters, not just new registrants, against lists of felons and the dead, board spokesman Kyle Richmond said.

...some letters to legitimate Milwaukee central city addresses are coming back undeliverable, possibly because letter carriers fear those neighborhoods, said Nat Robinson, chief of the board’s Elections Division

Really? US Postal Service employees simply stamp "Undeliverable" on letters addressed to areas that they don't like to enter?

Sounds like a Postal Inspector issue--or it sounds like pure BS.

You decide.


Headless Blogger said...

When in doubt, check Google Maps Street View. They had no problems negotiating the streets of Milwaukee's inner city.

Anonymous said...

These a-holes can find an excuse for anything. And most democrats actually believe them.