Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Solzhenitsyn v. GWBush and Real Cretins

In another part of the Harvard Address,

...Solzhenitsyn condemned the West for its assumption that all societies must conform to its democratic, pluralist model, for "the mistake of measuring them all with a Western yardstick".

Now THAT is interesting. Contrast the New Foreign Policy of GWB and Ms. Rice (really the Old Foreign Policy of Wilson)--wherein the March of Democracy shall be spread, if necessary, at the point of an M1A1 Abrams.

And, for you Lefties who object to my "same difference" remark on Nazi/Communist Gummints, another observation:

[Solzhentisyn's] attack on the confusion of legality with morality - previously a phenomenon of totalitarian regimes such as the Soviet Union and the Third Reich - subverted the legitimacy of those who sought to make abortion and eventually human/animal embryology respectable through legality...

So much for "positive law" as espoused by such as Screechin'Shirley, of the Wisconsin Supremes, or her lapdog-student James PolPot Doyle...not to mention the Butcher of SCOTUS, Harry Blackmun, and his clueless sycophant-in-rectocranial-inversion, Justice Kennedy...

He will be missed, but fortunately, the Address is available.

HT: Orwell's Picnic


Other Side said...

I see you've given in and decided to sink completely to Peter's level.


Dad29 said...

You Lefties just HATE to lose an argument based on reality.

Thus, your FEEEELLings on the matter.

Anonymous said...

geez, easy dad - i argue successfully with lefties all the time, but not with that tone. so you read about world war 2, or fought in it - let me tell you there's little sense comparing ww2 villains with 2008 US pols. it's uncivil, sophmoric and won't win elections. but it does cement that notion of an unfit temperament.

Stoltzy should be embraced by the right as a man of principle, courage and physical endurance. so what that his view of democracy differed from ours - McCain's ordeal as pow was no picnic, but to Stoltzy was a brief stint at a tropical resort.

keep linking to JTH. we need more of that.

Dad29 said...

We have 'style issues,' anony?

Which holocaust has been more bloody? Abortion in the USA, or Stalin's work in the Ukraine? Hitler's? or Blackmun's?

This is a blog, not a thesis-exchange. Short items get read; long items do not.

Solz'n's "view of democracy" was quite clear, and follow, logically, his analysis placing the root at (more or less) Rousseau's feet.

Are you trying to tell me that "democracy" is the only Good Government system? (Even allowing that the US is not a pure democracy)

Or are you trying to tell me that "democracy" is the system which all nations should adopt immediately?

Or are you trying to tell me that "democracy" should be emplaced by the US Armed Forces wherever it does not currently exist?

Your site is very enjoyable, by the way.

Anonymous said...

"Are you trying to tell me that "democracy" is the only Good Government system? (Even allowing that the US is not a pure democracy)"

dad, we've invested hundreds of billions building it? will they come?