Monday, August 04, 2008

Retraction: Roeser Re: Rockford?

Maybe, maybe not.

Tom Roeser published (scroll to 7/29), and this blog picked up some info regarding Mundelein.

Today's news:

The Office of Legal Services, Archdiocese of Chicago sent me a letter dated July 30 that just now came to hand…since the letter was addressed to an old office I had which I closed more than a year ago. It is from one John C. O’Malley who says I “personally published defamatory statements” on July 29, 2008 saying that the Rockford diocese “has decided it is finished with Mundelein.” A memorandum from the director of communication of the Rockford diocese to the director of communications for the archdiocese of Chicago deny this as does the bishop of Rockford. “Given that you personally published these defamatory statements,” writes O’Malley, “I am compelled to bring their falsity to your attention.”

He expects that I will

1. “Remove the defamatory statements from your blog entry.”

2. Print a retraction of the false statements contained therein”

3. “Refrain from making any further untrue statement regarding the relationship between St. Mary of the Lake Seminary, Mundelein and the diocese of Rockford.” And--

4. “I must demand that you distribute your reaction to” websites which republished them.


Roeser's not rolling:

In checking with responsible authorities I am confident that the situation which I reported was accurate at publication

And the article still stands

As the language brims with provocative legal terminology, I have responded swiftly by retaining competent legal counsel.

This should be fun. Tom doesn't make stuff up.


Anonymous said...

Actually the information that you put on your website on July 29th was incorrect. You had the wrong Diocese, (it was not a 'Rockford youth', not even a Rockford seminarian) and they were not two upperclassmen. I suppose if you are going to put something on the internet you don't have to have your facts straight. There may be people who may be more sympathetic to your cause if you checked out your stories before just putting out slander on someone without the real story.

Dad29 said...

The information came from another blogger with extraordinary credentials.

When he takes down the post, so will I.

By the way, how should I interpret your comment? That two Chicago seminarians who are NOT upperclassmen assaulted a man who is NOT from Rockford?

Gee--that makes it a lot better!!

Anonymous said...

that's exactly what it means. If you want one version of the story check the Mundelein police reports.