Sunday, August 03, 2008

Queen Nancy Pelosi v. Free Speech

If you think Queen Nancy Pelosi would tolerate talk-radio, if she didn't have to, you're crazy.

Look what she did to Members of Congress, as they discussed Drill Here, Drill Now:

When wind of the growing protest reached the Speaker's office, Nancy Pelosi acted on her first instinct as a liberal Democrat: she cut off the lights and microphones, so that nobody could see or hear what was going on in the House. Her second act also followed in the finest tradition of the party that has made its living the last several years claiming that "dissent" is the "highest form of patriotism," claiming to be the party of "openness" and "free speech": she ordered Capitol Police to throw visitors and media alike out of the gallery and lock the doors, so that no word of the GOP's action would ever reach the American people (this was prevented by Reps. Blunt, Shadegg, and others taking turns accompanying the viewers and media in the gallery, so that it couldn't be closed).

The Queen, in her oversized Pentagon-supplied jet, then proceeded to self-aggrandize on a book-promo tour.

Sadly, she will not come to Milwaukee on that tour, where she could be greeted appropriately...


Amy said...

Yes, if Pelosi came, I'd be there to greet her. With signs and lots of chanting.

"Most ethical, open Congress ever" was Pelosi's promise in Jan 07 - was it not?

Guess that proves she's a big, fat, hypocrite. Not to mention liar.

Simplex Vir said...

Can you imagine the outcry if Republicans had been on the otherside of this occurance?

She is the worst example of what this country has to offer and should be expigated from Congress immediately!