Saturday, August 16, 2008

Non-Chickified Olympics

As Limbaugh has mentioned, coverage of the Olympics has been chick-oriented.

Doh. That's where the ad money is.

Here are some NON-chickified results I haven't seen elsewhere.

Men's 50m Free Rifle Prone (60 shots) Final U. S. Silver Medal: Matthew Emmons (lost by one point of over 700.)

Women's 10m Air Rifle (40 shots) Final U. S. 4th: Jamie Beyerle (503.5 was 1st, Jamie scored 499.8)

Women's 50m Standard Rifle 3 Positions (3x20 shots) Final U.S. 5th Jamie Beyerle (690.3 was 1st, Jamie scored 686.9)

Men's 10m Air Pistol (60 shots) Final U.S. Bronze Jason Turner, and 4th, Brian Beaman

Men's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol (60 shots) Final U. S. 5th Keith Sanderson (1st place 780.2, 5th was 766.6)

Men's Double Trap (150 targets) Final U. S. GOLD!!! Walton Eller, and 4th, Jeffrey Holguin

Men's Skeet (125 targets) Final U. S. GOLD!! Vincent Hancock

Women's Trap (75 targets) Final U.S. Bronze Corey Cogdell

Women's Skeet (75 targets) Final U.S. Silver Kimberly Rhode

Woulda been nice to see some of those ultra-close matches, no?

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