Friday, August 08, 2008

Nazis, Commies: All the Same

The LeftyBlogolytes just hate this sort of stuff. Watch the Usual Suspects respond to this post by McIlheran with their running-dog comments.

"If we find two gangsters fighting each other and one of them kills another, this does not make the first gangster less of a criminal.

"Communist terror was in the same league of infamy as the crimes of the Third Reich. It actually lasted longer, killing significantly more people than the Nazis did. This does not make Nazis better than communists. They were both fighting against freedom and human dignity, and must be condemned in the same way as evils of the 20th century."

Actually, Communism is STILL fighting against freedom and dignity--in PRC, Cuba, and (arguably) Venezuela.

Oh--by the way--the author of that quotation is the ex-Prime Minister of Estonia, which gave him a very clear window through which he could see.

HT: McIlheran

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krshorewood said...

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