Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lefty Dem: "Find His Children's School...."

The tolerant, "for the children" Left--until they take their masks off.

Mike Gravel is a former two-term Democrat Senator from Alaska (and the hard Left) who lobbied unsuccessfully to be George McGovern's Veep choice in 1972. Sami al-Arian is a convicted abettor of the murderous terrorist organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad who has recently admitted past involvement in the Muslim Brotherhood

...Al-Arian is about to stand trial for criminal contempt because he refuses to testify in the grand jury

...the usual suspects (advocates of "social justice") are agitating that the government's attempt to pry his lips open is, of course, an example of harassment, "Islamophobia," "racism" (when, by the way, did Islam become a race?), and similar now-familiar blather. They held a rally last Friday evening, during which the despicable Senator Gravel urged the following regarding the federal prosecutor...:

Find out where he lives. Find out where his office is. If you've got some chutzpah - which is a word that you don't hear often - if you've really got it, find out where he lives, find out where his kids go to school, find out where his office is; picket him all the time. Call him a racist in signs if you see him. Call him an injustice. Call him whatever you want to call him, but in his face all the time. They can't take the heat; deliver it to them. We have to stop laying down to these injustices.

What's the matter, Mike? You aren't man enough to harass the prosecutor face-to-face? You have to pick on his children and wife?

Oh--that's right--you're a Liberal Democrat. No real men need apply.

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Other Side said...

The irony is you're guilty of the same thing for which you chastise Gravel.


Dad29 said...

Really, Tim?

You see me advocating harassing the children of Mike Gravel or his ilk?

Then I expect you'll have documentation, Tim.

Anonymous said...

Show me documentation that Gravel is telling his supporters "pick on his (the prosecutor's) children and wife"

The same scentence you highlighted ends with "picket him all the time.", in reference to at his kid's schools etc.

I hate this kind of selective quoting when it comes from either side of the isle.

Dad29 said...

Anony, you don't know how to read.

You think that "harassing [the prosecutor" at his CHILDREN'S school--or at his home, shared by his WIFE, doesn't affect the children or wife?

Maybe you should talk with your wife/kids about that, anony.

Anonymous said...

Who said it doesn't affect his kid or wife? It certainly does.

What I'm contesting is this statement:

You have to pick on his children and wife?

If I was a politician with a wife or kids, I would explicitly explain to them what political pickets are, and how they were directed at me and not my family.

Also I'm not sure where you picked up the word harassment. Gravel isn't advocating this either. Picketing a politician (wherever it may be) is significanly different from harassment.

Dad29 said...

but in his face all the time

My, you are good at parsing. "Picket" is not "harassment."

My foot, to be family-friendly.

If Gravel's minions were civilized, there would be no need whatsoever for "instructing the children."

So your argument assumes precisely what you deny.

Anonymous said...

My, you are horrendous at quoting.
Where does "instructing the children" come from? Are you quoting yourself?

My arguement assumes that small children might get upset at seeing a picket against the actions of their parent. I would guess that you agree that this is a valid assumption. I also assume that small children would have trouble understanding the entire concept of a picket, something else I would venture to guess that you agree with me on.

Gravel didn't say anything wrong here, despite how much you pick and choose sections from the overall statement.

Dad29 said...

Yes, he was careful.

"In his face....all the time"

"...house...kids' school"

Very careful to NOT "say" anything wrong.

Shows he's not a man. REAL men don't "find...kids' school" nor "house"

There are plenty of other places for picketing and harassment.

I know that anti-aborts have picketed the homes of aborto-docs. And I don't approve of that, either.

Gravel is a dirtball--and your parsing and dancing tells me you approve of dirtball tactics.

Hope you're proud of yourself. I'm sure you Mommy approves.

Jay Bullock said...

Wait? Mike Gravel said that? I gotta pack my bags and get going!

Please. This man represents no on but his own self-interest. Don't paint us all with his stupidity.

Anonymous said...

"I know that anti-aborts have picketed the homes of aborto-docs. And I don't approve of that, either."

Did you also hear how some of those anti-aborts stalked, sniped and IED'd aborto-docs? Your approval of such shenanigans is withheld, obviously. But for an old Testament firebrand such as ye there is no feast of redemption.