Sunday, August 17, 2008

For the Lawyers

Nothing like Having A Procedure to cover yourself, eh?

Local parish runs a notification:

"Safe Environment Training"--3 hours.

Who MUST attend?

All paid/unpaid staff.
All volunteer staffers who have any regular contact w/children
All parents of children in the parish school AND all parents of children in the CCD programs
All OTHER parishioners who have any regular contact w/children and are not part of the above.

The Parish rented Miller Park for the event.


Prosqtor said...

IF that were about 35 years ago, and
IF they rented County Stadium, I'd be slightly impressed.

Mary Martha said...

If a part of the problem in the Church is the lack of catechesis... does anyone really think that forcing all parents (even CCD parents) to attend this is going to increase attendance?

I went through the training once and then moved... and was told I would have to go through it again. Different diocese - different program.

I have decided that instead of doing that I will just not volunteer at the Parish. There are plenty of other places I can volunteer my time that won't treat me as a criminal.

If I had children I would be hard pressed to send them to CCD where they would receive bad (or no) catechesis and where all parents will be assumed to be criminals.