Friday, August 08, 2008

"Eight Cent's Worth of Corn in the Box"? More Lies

Caught a snatch of the Corn-A-Hole-Lying-Commercial this AM on Weber's show.

It's a newer one, with newer lies (or, if you prefer, half-truths.) One of the lies:

'The box of cereal still has only eight cents' worth of corn,' [therefore it's not the price of corn which has gone up].

Uh huh.

The Corn-A-Hole Lying Folks think you don't know the following:

1) The size of the boxes has been reduced. Yes, the 'corn-value' is constant--but that's only because you get less total product than you did a couple of years ago.

2) The corn FLAKE isn't the only corn-product in the cereal. The sugar is corn-based fructose; that price has gone up, too.

Next half-truth/lie (choose one):

Most corn is "industrial" corn--destined to be livestock-food.

Yup. Except they think you're too stupid to understand:

1) You eat beef, pork, and chicken. When the cost of feeding livestock goes up, the cost of livestock products goes up, too!!

I suppose that the Corn-A-Hole Crowd (ADM being the leader) could be betting correctly that citizens are stupid, or ignorant.

But not ALL the citizens, and not ALL the time.


Headless Blogger said...

I can make stuff up, too.

That $4 gas and $140 oil was the result of oil futures speculation by the BIG Ethanol crowd. In order to sell their inferior product at a profit, they need to drive up the price of oil relative to corn. Only when corn markets became so tight that 3/4ths of the nation's ethanol plant went idle, did they let their futures expire and oil prices drop.

I'll send the tinfoil hat back to the other side of the aisle, now.

asianbadger said...

Yeah..the "Food Dude" ads are masters of lies and half-truths.

I switch to a different station every time that clown ad is on.