Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Doyle Fails Again

Having promised to cut 10,000 jobs from the State's bloated payroll, Jimbo manages to cut 2,700+ in 6 years. He has two years to go on his promise.

That means he gets a grade of 27.3%. Wow.

Not even MPS would call that a passing grade.

Of course, the spin is in:

Looking back at the goal he laid out, Doyle said the intent was to "stop this runaway growth in state government that was under way" in the 1990s, not necessarily to reach a quota of job cuts.

"Our goal continues to be to reduce the size of state government, and we are going to continue as we have to make major progress in that direction, and I've never said that there's some magic number that when you say you hit it, you've done it," Doyle said...

...disingenuously, failing to recall that HE mentioned the number.

Another case of getting what somebody else voted for.

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