Thursday, June 05, 2008

What's the Matter With Kansas?

Well, for openers, Kansas' Supreme Court is infested with raving Lefties who will apparently do damn near ANYTHING to protect the nation's leading baby-butcher: Planned Parenthood.

In Kansas there has never been a conservative governor and most of the time the governor’s a Democrat anyway, so it’s not surprising that the Kansas court is as liberal and as activist as they come — the sixth-most-referenced court in the nation, according to one recent survey conducted by UC Davis.

But the moment Judge Anderson said the records looked fishy, the court went from activist to downright aggressive: It silenced the judge, conducted secret hearings with Planned Parenthood, put a gag on the health department and told Kline the department’s records have now been put off-limits. In at least once instance, the court apparently even violated its own seal order to give anti-Kline information to participants in a grand jury investigation.

It’s all “highly unorthodox,” Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, Fox News senior judicial analyst, told me.“The Kansas supreme court has no right to intercede in this,” Napolitano explained. The court simply doesn’t have a role to play “unless a case is brought to it.” Gagging witnesses was just mystifying to Napolitano. “If a judge is witness to a crime, he has as much a right and obligation to testify as any other citizen,” he said. What the judge appears to have seen, Napolitano said, is evidence of “obstruction of justice. . . . And that’s what they got Scooter Libby on. It’s a serious crime.”

Briefly, Judge Anderson found it likely that Planned Parenthood had committed crimes to cover its misdemeanors, and DA Kline wants to prosecute.

But the Court, appointed by such as Gov. Sibelius, is getting in the way--to say the least.

For all his trouble, Kline has been pestered by Planned Parenthood’s lawyers who continue to try to sue him into paralysis. He has now amassed some $200,000 in personal legal bills.

"We will bury you"--the watchword of PP.

This week, in the case’s latest set of turns, Kline found himself asking for the supreme court to stop silencing Anderson and at the same time, moving to block a lawsuit by Planned Parenthood seeking to get back the records that are at the heart of the case, and would be used against them in a trial. Allowing criminal defendants to sue prosecutors to retrieve the evidence that could be used against them is another Kansas Supreme Court novelty

What's at stake here? About $300 MILLION in Federal money granted to PP nationally. If PP/Kansas loses, so will national PP.

And $300 million is more than even Lynde Uihlein can toss into the pot.

HT: Dreher

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Dan said...

$300,000,000 for a racist organization? Wow!! The KKK must be proud and mad at them at the same time. They probably wished they would of thought of providing abortions instead of burning crosses.