Wednesday, June 04, 2008

MPS: Free ACT Tests!!

This is a very generous offer--using someone else's dollars, of course.

The [MPS budget] committee also approved adding $210,100 to the budget to be used to offer ACT college entrance tests to all eleventh graders next year.

ALL 11th graders? Who are they kidding?

Someone can't scrape up the $40.00 for the ACT test?


Jay Bullock said...

Someone can't scrape up the $40.00 for the ACT test?
Dozens of my students would have a hard time scraping up $40 for the test, yes.

Dan said...

All students? Even the special education students?
If a child cannot afford the $40, then maybe, provided they meet certain standards (no F's, a 2.0 GPA, no discplinary problems)

Dad29 said...

Well, Jay, I'd go with Dan's suggestion--

Or tell your students to get part-time jobs, just like MY children did. That way they can actually put together $40.00.