Friday, June 06, 2008

Madison Bishop Stays With the Pope

Bp. Morlino has taken a leadership position on a number of issues (think: opposition to the Legislature's mandate of "Plan B," inter alia.)

And he's done it again.

...At the Corpus Christi Mass in the Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin, the local Bishop, H. E. the Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino, in his homily made express reference to the pope's example of three days before and encouraged everyone present and physically able to receive the Blessed Sacrament on their tongues and on their knees out of reverence on this solemn occasion. For this purpose, there not being an altar rail, kneelers were put in front of the sanctuary for Communion.

...The Mass was followed by a Procession from the church (the Cathedral had burnt down three years ago) to the State Capitol and then to another church for Benediction. The whole procession was almost an hour an a half long

Kudos to the Bishop!


Dan said...

Say, when are they going to rebuild the Catherdal? Seems like it has been forever since it burned down. Are the walls still standing.

Pamela J.C. Folbrecht said...

I agree! Before I moved to Milwaukee last year, I lived in the Diocese of Madison and felt extremely blessed to have a strong orthodox bishop like Bishop Morlino. Thanks for posting about him!