Monday, June 02, 2008

It's Not the Obama Presidency Dems Seek

As usual, sparkling insight from Tom Roeser.

...For here in the strongest Democratic machine in the nation where one party rule has extended longer than the USSR existed, the first thought now as it has always been is the safety of the Cook county ticket which comes far before any consideration of the presidency. The highly publicized 1960 vote-fraud here that you have heard about was committed: no doubt about that…but was done for a major reason that far transcended the wish to elect John Kennedy president. It was committed to defeat a Republican state’s attorney (prosecutor) Benjamin Adamowski, who was running for reelection on the pledge to find enough corruption to indict Mayor Richard J. Daley and his cohorts. ]

It was for this reason that Democratic precinct captains flooded the lists with the graveyard vote. (And ever since that day, it has been the wish of many a dying Chicago ward-heeler that he be buried in Cook county so he can remain politically active). But all kidding aside, if blacks get the feeling that their party uses their votes as ballast for Irish, Polish and Hispanic candidates but deny (to them) a perfectly acceptable, quality candidate for president tens of thousands will drop out of the equation overnight…and will take Democrats a generation to woo back. The blacks would leave in droves. No, not to vote Republican, assuredly-- but drop out of the system by the mega-hundreds of thousands…even millions…forsaking the Democrats up and down the ticket-causing loss of important local offices…especially (horrors!) elected prosecutorial ones… that grease the wheels for machine victories.

It's the "down-ticket" that counts. The Dems recognize that Obama is weak--so weak, in fact, that he could actually lose to a candidate who has no Party except himself.

But who cares, if the Dems pull off victories in the Senate and House (and various State and Municipal) elections?

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