Monday, June 09, 2008

Harsh Reality in a Poignant Post

James hits a homer here.


Other Side said...

Read it and I don't believe a word about the alleged incident. With his over-the-top-rhetoric, he's done nothing to convince me of his truthfulness.

Amy said...

Of course, OS. No doubt if Eugene Kane had written something, you'd believe it.

Get a clue, sir.

Dad29 said...

Makes no diff if you believe that story.

The point he makes is very significant, as you know, but won't admit.

Other Side said...

Amy, I suggest you are the one who should be clue searching. One, I rarely if ever read Eugene. Can you point to anything he has ever made up (I doubt it). And two, what is it with you conservatives, always having to find an equivalency angle, rather than tackle the real issue which remains: this story by Harris is too fanciful to have occurred. I don't believe it.

I can understand Amy lapping it up, daddio, but not you.

Btw: Just because there may be a significant point to be made does not excuse lying.