Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Even HIGHER Cost of Ethanol

The Ethanol Oligopoly succeeds in sucking the life out of consumers.

The never-ending downpours and cool temperatures are likely to mean still higher prices for farmers and more pain at the supermarket for consumers

The U.S. Agriculture Department on Tuesday lowered its projections of this year's corn harvest and forecast that livestock producers will cut back on production because of the higher cost of grain to feed their animals

The department estimated that farmers will produce 11.7 billion bushels of corn this year, 390 million bushels less than the Agriculture Department expected a month ago.

The Agriculture Department lowered its projected national yield by five bushels to 148.9 bushels per acre.

The more pessimistic forecast "reflects slow planting progress, slow crop emergence and persistent, heavy rainfall across the Corn Belt," the department said in its weekly report on global commodity supplies and demand.

Corn prices reached a record high for the fourth day in a row on the Chicago Board of Trade. July corn futures rose 16 cents to more than $6.73 a bushel

If Chuck Grassley remains bought-and-paid-for, you will also pay these poor farmers several hundred million dollars in subsidies.

HT: FoxPolitics

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Headless Blogger said...

And higher still ...

The recent floods have wiped out a lot of crops. Not just my observation, JSOnline reports it today.

I reiterate my position that Congress needs to ban ethanol production that may impact the availability of corn for food and agricultural purposes.