Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Coathangers and Cluster B Disorders

We all know that the coathanger is THE symbol of "bad-old-days" abortions. It is iconic--desperate women had to do something---anything---to become un-pregnant.

But the coathanger bespeaks a syndrome which may not be directly abortion-related.

Despite their being no rational medical reason to stick a metal hanger up a birth canal other than to self mutilate, there is minimal evidence (at best) to link the use of coat hangers ever being typically used as devices for “back alley” or do-it-yourself self abortions. There is, however, no shortage of evidence linking those with specific “cluster B” Personality Disorders with genital mutilation , some of which have been associated with the behaviors of sticking sharp objects such as coat hangers, pencils, and other sharp objects up into their genitalia. (Also, see Caenis syndrome).

Those who develop a Borderline Personality Disorder are predominately angry women (with histories of sexual abuse) who are consciously or subconsciously driven to deliver a hurtful revenge onto others. They typically have poor self images and are consequently highly sensitive to rejection and constantly haunted by the fear of being abandoned. As a result, they are willing to take drastic measures to avoid loneliness and solitude, which can often include self mutilation, suicide threats and attempts.

It's a grown-up version of the 2-year-old's temper tantrum (albeit for those who were abused, it is differently-caused.)

As a way to inflict pain unto those who have or may abandon them, self-mutilation somehow releases the rage by witnessing and showing her pain to those whom she feels, has disavowed the value of her own life. Consequently, among the more mentally healthy population, the coat hanger symbol used as an abortion device never quite made sense; while, those who may not be as mentally “healthy” would have no problem accepting this as unadulterated truth.

Well, if Whoopi Goldberg believes it, it MUST be true, right?

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John Foust said...

So this fellow is lying, huh?

Dad29 said...

Frankly, John, there are a LOT of lies surrounding the abortion question.

And ALL of them come from pro-abortion folks--e.g., Guttmacher--and, by the way, one of the original complainants (either Roe or Doe, I forget which.)

That's the reason for the old saying to the effect that 'lies and murders go hand-in-hand.'

John Foust said...

And the prevalence of this syndrome is what?