Monday, June 09, 2008

City of Milwaukee Dumps into Lake. Again

You have to break the code to know whose poop is in Lake Michigan.

The tunnel system has a capacity to hold 494 million gallons of sewage and stormwater, and Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District Executive Director Kevin Shafer said it was "basically empty" at the time the storms hit.

Sounds good, eh? About 500 million gallons could have been stored.

He said district policy during storms is to keep 250 million gallons of that storage capacity set aside to deal with sanitary overflows.

That means combined sewer overflows can be authorized before the system fills to prevent overflows from the sanitary sewer lines that serve most of the district.

"Combined sewer" is Milwaukee poop-and-rain.

Recall that ONLY Milwaukee (and Shorewood) have "combined" sewers, and actually only a portion of Milwaukee has them. The reason MMSD was created was so that Milwaukee residents would not have to spend the money to separate poop from stormwater.

...because the rain fell so fast that the district's computers automatically closed gates to allow combined sewer overflows into area waterways. At the time, the tunnels held only 34 million gallons

Friggin' genius at work there, no?

So Milwaukee tossed another poop-bomb into Lake Michigan after several gazillion dollars were spent to prevent Milwaukee residents from doing what they should have done in the first damn place.

And 450++million gallons' storage space remained empty.

It goes without saying that the gurus who legislated this failure were Democrats...

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