Monday, June 09, 2008

Chipmunk Dilemma

So on Sunday morning, there sat the neighborhood chipmunk, munching happily on dropped birdseed.

Until the deluge came along.

When it hit, the water flowed down the hill and effectively surrounded the chipmunk. He could get high enough to avoid the rushing groundwater, but then he was sitting in a forceful shower coming from the overflowing rain-gutter.

He couldn't leave, and he did NOT like the involuntary dousing.

Problems everywhere, for everyone.


Headless Blogger said...

Problems everywhere, for everyone ... until Dad29 solved this one with his trusty .22 rifle, and had fresh meat for supper, too.

Other Side said...

More like a burrito.

Your chipmunk's cousin lives in our backyard, daddio. The little bastard was ripping up the garden looking for fallen birdseed until the feeder was moved.

And chippy lives in fear of my precious pellet gun.

Dad29 said...

OS, I am shocked...SHOCKED...that a good lefty like you would resort to violence and harm one of God's little creatures with a GUN! A GUN!! I say...


Squirrel discovered bird-feeder and lost 1/2 his tail to my .17 pellet gun.

You may not believe it, but that happens to be exactly where I aimed and was my intended result.

He wasn't back in the area for about 2 weeks--he learned.

Other Side said...

I knew you would say that.

I've never said I was against guns. I had a sweet 16 a couple decades back and used to go duck hunting. And, I used to love target practice. I was a pretty fair shot, or so my grandfather told me. He taught me how to shoot and, I was told, was a sharpshooter in WWI.

Over time, though, I just lost interest and sold the shotgun. The pellet gun I picked up at a rummage sale.

My dad live traps them and drowns them in a garbage can. But he used to pick them off with his .22 until the neighbors got upset.

Dad29 said...

A 16 is a LOT of shotgun.

I used a .22 until a neighbor-lady went off her rocker about it--a good story which takes too long to tell here.

The pellet gun makes a LOT less noise.

Other Side said...

Yes, it was. I got it from my dad way back then. I wouldn't have bought my own.

capper said...

That is the pleasure of a country place. Anything less than a .22 or .410 is laughed at.