Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Zachary's Law

Mark Benson may well give the State of Wisconsin's residents a gift: a tough, no-nonsense DUI law.

Two years ago, I had occasion to visit with Rep. Mark Gundrum on the issue of Wisconsin's joke-DUI law, which provides for little (if any) jail-time for repeat offenders. Stories of 5, 6, 7, and more DUI convictions followed by 3 years in prison (or Huber in/out) are and were all too common.

At that time, the Legislature was re-doing the law. The new law passed.

Obviously, THAT was ineffective. But that will be between the Leggies and their consciences, I guess.

(There were no citizens with pitchforks and torches making loud and persistent noises about .....whatever.)

Now, there's an online petition for new legislation which offers judges like Lee Dreyfus, Jr., NO alternatives, NO 'escape' provisions--and puts repeat DUI offenders off the road, period.

Sykes covered it, and Patrick is hosting the petition.

Let's see if Zachary's Law gets enacted by our Leggies. It is, of course, too late for the Bukowskys, but there are 4 million OTHER Wisconsin residents at risk.

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