Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sulphur, Says Headless

Our local scientific-sort, Headless, identifies sulphur as the culprit in the warm/cool cycle.

Following World War II, the economies of the West grew rapidly, fueled by coal and petroleum that dirtied the atmosphere. So dirty, in fact, that drastic measures were taken to clean up the air. Laws were passed that mandated catalytic converters, low sulfur coal and fossil power plant smokestack scrubbers. Clean air followed. But other nations, such as China and India, got into the act, fueling their economic growth with coal and petroleum, which dirtied the air again late in the 20th Century.

He supports the theory with data and charts, and relates it to the volcanic activity in the early 1600's (causing the Little Ice Age), etc.

(Caution: Headless is a nuker, thus looks askance at coal-fired generation.)

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Headless Blogger said...

Whoa Pops, I may have found data to refute my conclusions. I'm still looking into it, which is more than the global warmers are doing.

Thanks for linking.