Saturday, May 03, 2008

"Screw YOU, State Bozos"

Here's a guy who's going to be iconic--one way or the other.

Frustrated by two years of delays, the owner of a swanky new restaurant on Silver Lake has opened the Club Porticello in violation of city ordinances, and he now faces fines of up to $700 a day.

Asked if he thought he had opened for business in violation of city ordinances, owner Tony Pipito said, "Probably."

....[We elide several years' worth of legal horsepatootm, runarounds, reverses, stalls, passive/aggressive foodadderie, etc.]

...Last month, Pipito applied a third time for the needed area variances after the Board of Zoning Appeals in March granted him another key zoning variance he needs to open. His latest variance request is expected to be considered by the board this month.

Pipito also has not received an occupancy permit from the city.

In urging members of the Board of Zoning Appeals to grant him the zoning variances he needs, Pipito said in March that every day his business is not open he loses thousands of dollars.

Tony has enough testosterone.

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