Saturday, May 03, 2008

P-Mac: The Spiral, Explained

McIlheran notes that the State of Maine is now taxing private airplanes which rest on Maine ground for a few days a year.

At 7+% of purchase price!

One suspects that Maine's airports will be seeing less traffic soon--and resort owners in that State will not have to hire illegals for summer-help any more.

But there's more to be learned, which P-Mac draws out exquisitely.

The point isn't to defend rich people. They can defend themselves. That is the point -- if governments feel confiscatory enough to go after people who can always fly their airplanes somewhere else, who can hire tax attorneys to help them fight the sales tax, those governments certainly won't feel inhibited about going after the rest of us, who are much easier pickings.

What's more, when governments decide to loot unsympathetic rich people just because they're within reach, they come to depend upon the money they get. When the rich people put up a vacation home somewhere else, when word spreads that your state is a tax trap and rich people avoid it, the authorities still need the money. They will get it. And they won't be getting it from rich people.

(Wherein Patrick explains the REAL reason for the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, assuming one can read between the lines. And we aren't talking about .22 plinkers, folks.)

"A little rebellion now and then is a good thing"--T Jefferson


Billiam said...

This Nation has become a nation of sheep. They barely resist now.

Anonymous said...

Leaves them open for sales taxes on cars for people who drive to vacation homes, too. Guess I can scratch Maine from place to visit.