Saturday, May 10, 2008

Obama's Intense Campaign in 60 States

(Above is Obama's new lapel-pin, HT Ace of Spades.)
Must be a helluva campaign.

Obama tells us that he's been in 57 States and has "one left to go," but staff tells him that he cannot go to Alaska or Hawaii.

So if he gets to the "one left to go," and two remain un-visited, Obama is telling us that the US of A has 60 States.

He must be counting Palestine. No embittered Bible-quoting types there, although there are a LOT of gun-owners.



Al said...

50 states, DC, 2 Commonwealths (Puerto Rico, N. Mariana Islands), & 3 inhabited territories (Guam, American Samoa & American Virgin Islands). That only adds up to 56.

Is he lumping all the minor islands like Midway as 57? Or is he already recognizing N. Florida which has a movement there to form a seperate state?

So, what are the other 3?

Or is this the ebonics version of counting?

The media owes Dan Quayle an apology.

Dan said...

Don't forget that there is or was a seccession movements in CA, Vermont and the UPPERS

John Foust said...

Wow, an Ebonics joke! Dad, you attract a sophisticated crowd.

I don't know if this gaffe - if it is one - will help him beat Bush's record, will it?

Dad29 said...

The MSM will repeat Quayle/Bush gaffes until they run out of ink.

This (and the 'bitter, Bible-and-gun totin'') remarks will not get into print twice...

Dan said...

Hell, they even make books and calendars about Bushisms. You think they'll do the same for a liberal? Nah.
On the other hand, I do understand what he was trying to say. But this just underscore the hypocrisy of the left and the media.