Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fund-Raising Blues, Bishops?

Welborn, quoted by Leonardi:

I have always wondered how long it would take for those in leadership to see the big picture: That if you, as the primary teacher of the people in your diocese, accommodate ...as I say, if you accommodate, hedge and stay silent, how can you expect the people you lead to act differently? Simply put. if you’re going to accommodate, we are, too, and you abdicate your moral authority to stand up there and call us to sacrificial fidelity, no matter what the cost.

Not to mention, if you ignore or even discourage faithfulness to liturgical and catechetical directives from Rome in your diocese, you abdicate the moral authority to lay guilt trips on us about our duty to support the work of the diocese. You can ignore? So can we.

Amy's a little late to the game--but then, she doesn't live in Abp. Weakland's playpen.

I've always said that "obedience is transitive." When the Bishop(s) actually do what they are required to do under obedience, the laity do the same.

No different, really, from parenting, in principle.

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