Thursday, May 01, 2008

For the Illegals on May 1st

Aside from the date's echoes of the Commie Soviet Union's "May Day" ....there's this.

Juan Leonardo Quintero, one of millions of illegal aliens who have invaded from Mexico, was arrested by Houston police officer Rodney Johnson for speeding and driving without a license.

Then Quintero managed to shoot Johnson four times in the back of the head.

But he has an excuse: Johnson was being racist by arresting him.

Quintero's lawyers are going with the comparably absurd insanity defense.

If we had a government willing to defend our borders from foreign incursion, Johnson would still be alive. Quintero had already been deported for indecency with a child. Johnson left behind a wife and five children. Let's remember this tragedy when moonbats bleat that we need to leave the border undefended for the sake of the children

Jost another cop-killing that Americans won't do.

HT: Moonbattery


Billiam said...

When I heard that, I thought, hmm. We have accusations of DWB, driving while black. Now we have DWM/ia, driving while Mexican/Illegal Alien. To quote Yakov Smirnov;"America. What a Country".

Dan said...

Don't forget the illegal who killed the Kenosha deputy, Deputy Sheriff Frank Fabiano Jr.