Monday, May 05, 2008

Brit Conservatives Clean Labour's Clock

It wasn't just the Mayor of London who lost a race last week.

In today's local council elections around the country, British voters delivered a devastating blow to Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the ruling Labour party, a signal that many believe may translate into a Tory win, even a majority, in the next general election. Experts say that the Labour party has not received such an electoral pummelling in forty years and estimate that more than 100 Labour MPs will now be fighting to keep their seats at the next election

And the Brits have a few things to be unhappy about.

Since coming to power in 1997, analysts, both in favour and against, agree that the "New" Labour party under Blair has utterly transformed British society. Stories abound in the press of a Britain labouring under the rule of an obsessive "nanny state" that controls and regulates every minute detail of life. While council tax rises, some councils have reduced the number of garbage collections to once in a fortnight and installed microchips in wheelie bins and hired "rubbish police" to ensure that citizens are not throwing away too much or the wrong kind of trash; violators can be fined or face charges.

Labour's constitutional compromises with the European Union have culminated in most of Britain's laws being made not at Westminster by British parliamentarians, but from the European Parliament in Brussels and various unelected EU regulatory agencies

Apparently PM Brown (Tony Blair's successor) intends to hold on by his fingernails if necessary, until 2010.

Well, good luck with that, Mr. Brown.


Adam Young said...


You might want to consider that British Conservatives are hardly anything like the American right.

For example, the Conservative website for Johnson includes concern for climate change, affordable housing and more funding of mass transportation, things of which the Right in this country fight tooth and nail.

Nationally, the British Conservatives are supportive of abortion and gay rights and gun controls.

Elections are short and spending is limited compared to American elections.

As far as the nanny state is concerned, recently the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigated dirty restaurants in Milwaukee. If the libertarian purists had their way, there would be no regulation of cleanliness standards in restaurants and we would all be free to choose to patronize another restaurant if we became sick at a previous establishment, god willing, of course.

I don't care for that sort of "freedom", just as you probably wouldn't care for the mainstream positions of the British Conservative party.

Please consider visiting the following website:

Adam Young

Dad29 said...

Adam, respectfully, I simply noted that the Conservatives have defeated Labour, convincingly, in the recent elections.

Whatever "Conservative" means in Great Britain, it certainly does not mean "Lefty Wacko."

As to the Wacky Libertarians--we are likely in agreement on most counts. Libertarians are generally nuts.