Friday, February 01, 2008

A Very Un-PC Suggestion for Victims of Ephebophiles

Note the 'correct' terminology for those who abuse early-teen-aged boys. They are ephebophiles, not pedophiles--the difference being that, strictly speaking, pedophiles pick on very young children.

To the headline.

It's very clear why ephebophiles pick the boys that they pick: they think they can get away with it without fear of retribution.

Now, while the Church's Canon Law makes it a very bad thing to slug a priest, it is NOT a 'very bad thing' to loudly and publicly accuse the priest of doing what he did, given the usual conditions.

So why didn't the various parents simply stand up during the sermon at a Mass said by one of these perps and scream "You filthy bastard, you were *&^%#* my little boy!!"

That might have been effective, no? Especially with 1,000 or so people to hear it.

Of course, slugging the bastard(s) would also serve as a warning. I'm sure that even if Rembert Weakland would not have removed the Canonical penalties for doing so, some Bishop, somewhere, would have. (Hint: try Lincoln Diocese....)


David L Alexander said...

Actually, the penalties for slugging a priest were in the Old Code. I don't think they're in the New Code. In at least a few cases, it wouldn't have stopped me anyway, except for the confessional grille in the way. (Don't ask.) As to sodomy, it's merely a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance.

And who worries about stuff like that anymore? Vatican II got rid of hell, remember???

3rd way said...

Ephebophilia is a fascinating word. It is not yet in dictionaries, but it soon will be. It is important to note that it applies to heterosexual as well as homosexual attraction.

One could argue that it's common usage will also lead to common acceptance. Thank you Britney Spears and MTV for legitimizing men ogling school girls.

Jeff Miller said...

Of course the problem with your suggestion is that often in these cases the parents have no idea what happened unless the victim goes public, which is usually much latter in life.

Billiam said...

Jeff makes a good point. I've never told my mom what was done to me, though, not by a priest, but a viper in the big brother program. They hang out anywhere there's access to kids. Anyway, I thought it'd kill her if I told, so I never did. It's a life sentence, that. Dad, denounce? Punch? No, sir. A bullet if an excellent solution. Other than that, God is one's only recourse, not only for comfort and healing, but also the strength to forgive.

Dad29 said...


A bullet's

Better a punch, prosecution, and conviction w/prison time.

Prisoners are particularly unhappy with child-molesters.

Bernard Brandt said...

Nah, that's not double-plus-un-PC enough for me.

Let's ask the usual yuppie-Christian question: "What would Jesus do?"

May I suggest that what He would do, or at least recommend, is that the guilty parties have a millstone tied to their necks (or, since millstones are rare these days, how about a ton of scrap metal, instead?) and be cast into the depths of the sea?

Actually, if I recall the exact quote, the punishment would be rather worse. As He is also the one who will be at the Dread Judgment Seat, dispensing the punishments, one can certainly hope.

Lois said...

What is the origin of the word "Ephebophiles"?

Dad29 said...

A friend of mine who is a psychiatrist told me about it.

Greek derivation, 'ephebo'--meaning (roughly) "emerging" + "philos" = 'lover.'