Friday, February 08, 2008

UN-Believable Fact

This is the cover of a CD full of Gregorian Chant. I happen to know of the choir which sings it--Applegate is a good musician.

So what? Well, here's so what, according to Christus Vincit:
OCP's [Oregon Catholic Press] best selling album is O Lux Beatissima: A Treasury of Gregorian Chant. You wouldn't think so when you look at the catalogs and see the crap that takes up the bulk of the pages (read: the stuff that gets pushed - Schutte, Haugen* Haas* Joncas, Manalo, Lung, Agrisano, etc.) and that the chant section barely gets one page. You wouldn't think so when you look through a music issue and see that same "pushed" stuff taking up about 70% of the hymnal's pages and that you hear a lot of it in most of the English-speaking parishes of the world.
Who woulda thunk?

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