Friday, February 08, 2008

Music for Mass on the Pope's Visit

Well, well.

His Eminence Cardinal Egan mentioned, almost offhandedly, today, while speaking at the annual Red Mass for the Guild of Catholic Lawyers at the Church of Our Saviour, New York City, that the music chosen for the Solemn Pontifical Mass at Yankee Stadium scheduled for Sunday, April 20, would include settings of the Gloria and the Sanctus by the Renaissance master Tomás Luis de Victoria.

Probably worth tuning into EWTN for the listen.



RAG said...

I think some Chrtisian rock would rock the house, too.

Anonymous said...

What is Egan thinking. I don't think the regular New York Catholic can sing 14th cent. polyphony!

That is unless he wants the 'regular' people to be voiceless at mass and let the Met Chorus sing.

Dad29 said...

Sounds good to me, anony!


Someday, look up the meaning of the term 'actuosa participatio.' Use a good latin dictionary, not the plastic/happy FeelGood/rock'n'roll daffynition supplied by the local Liturgeist.

Get back to me when you have wrapped your head around the real definition.

Al said...

Maybe this is just the openning shot to announce that the entire Mass with be in the extraordinary form (Traditional Latin Mass).

Can you imagine the shock waves that would send through certain groups in this country, as well as a few Bishops like Trautman.