Thursday, November 01, 2007

WI Greenhouse Gas Reduction to 1990 Levels!

The State Senate now embarks on its Quixote-quests, under the new Rad-Left leadership.

A Senate committee today recommended a bill that would require the state Department of Natural Resources to adopt rules cutting back on the emission of greenhouse gases by 2011.

Under the bill, the DNR would have to determine the amount of greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming, that was being emitted by Wisconsin-based companies and industries in 1990. The deadline to set that limit would be January 2009.

It would set the greenhouse emission limit in the year 2020 to the 1990 level, and require DNR to implement rules to achieve that target by 2011

No problem. Industry and commerce can dial back "greenhouse gas emissions" by about 30 years--by leaving.

So did Barrett and Doyle tell Coors/Molson the plan?


steveegg said...

A depopulated state definitely will get carbon emissions down to 1990 levels, at least until we get a big wildfire going. There won't be too many people left around to report it, and about the time it gets reported, the USFS will decide that nobody's threatened, they'll just let it burn.

Headless Blogger said...

When will they learn that global warming is in Wisconsin's best interests? None of Al Gore's horror stories negatively affect our state. If we can regularly have last week's weather into the Winter, I am all for it.