Wednesday, November 07, 2007

St. Stanislaus to Become Oratory

Another brief note on the Old Rite (Extraordinary Use) community in Milwaukee.

The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest announced that H.E. Timothy Dolan intends to create St. Stan's as an oratory staffed by ICK priests in the future.

Beginning the 2nd Sunday of Advent, ICK priests will be offering the Mass regularly (every two weeks) until roughly June of 2008. After the ordination of a number of new ICK priests occurs in June, the Order will anounce permanent cadre for the Oratory.

The Oratory will remain a canonical part of St. Anthony's Parish.

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GOR said...

A good move. But it would be nice if +Timothy would lead by example and celebrate a TLM himself. Of course the Cathedral no longer has a High Altar (thanks Rembert)...

Then too, he could transfer his cathedra to St. Josaphat's, which still has a beautiful High Altar. I'm sure bishop-elect Callahan could facilitate that...!