Monday, November 05, 2007

On the Old Rite, Its Opponents, and Circuses

Cdl. Ranjith of the Congregation for Divine Worship, speaking about the Motu Proprio:

"There have been positive reactions and, it’s pointless to deny it, criticisms and oppositing positions, also on the part of theologians, liturgists, priests, Bishops, and even Cardinals. Frankly, I don’t understand this distancing from, and, let’s just say it, rebellion against the Pope. I invite all, above all shepherds, to obey the Pope, who is the Successor of Peter. Bishops, in particular, swore loyaly to the Pontiff: they must be consistent and faithful to their commitment."

Opposition is strong in Europe, and exists in the USA.

...on the part of some dioceses, even interpretative documents which inexplicably aim at putting limits on the Pope’s Motu Proprio. Behind these actions there are hidden, on one hand, prejudices of an ideological kind and, on the other hand, pride, one of the gravest sins. I repeat: I call on everyone to obey the Pope. If the Holy father decided he had to issue the Motu Proprio, he had his reasons which I share entirely."

It constantly amazes me that Bishops and priests thumb their nose at the Pope and then expect the laity to jump at their own commands or suggestions. As though your basic church-goer doesn't see right through that ...

On some of the usual made-for-TV Masses in parishes:

Holy Mass is sacrifice, gift, mystery, independently of the priest celebrating it. It is important, nay rather, fundamental that the priest step aside: the protagonist of the Mass is Christ. So I really don’t understand these Eucharistic celebrations turned into shows with dances, songs or applause, as frequently happens with the Novus Ordo. ...I’m against dances and applause during Masses, which aren’t a circus or stadium.

But, but, but.....that's what they do at ELMBROOK Church!!!

And as to Latin:

As for Latin, I would underscore that it was never been abolished and, what is more, that it secures the universality of the Church.


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