Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Diamant, Clarke: Get a Clue

Last night's "I-Team" brief was inspired by the Sheriffs Deputies' Union.

Surprise!! The 911 switchboard operators are overworked!!

Sheriff Clarke simply denied it, and a 911 operator stood there and chatted with Channel 4's Diamant about the situation (not answering calls, was she...?)

Sadly, neither Diamant nor Clarke brought up 'best practices' or 'standards.'

How many calls is "too many calls"?

You'll never know if you watch this.


Anonymous said...

Just because it was not in the story does not mean that these figures were not given. Channel 4 had their agenda to put out. By the way, there is no "standard" in how long it should take to answer a 911 call. If there were it would be NENA (National Emergency Numbers Association) that would set that standard.

Dad29 said...

"How long to answer" was not the topic of the piece.

The topic was "how many calls should a woodchuck take..." in a given day.

That was the clue that it was a Union-inspired hit job.

Seems that the operators don't like the 1 call/minute pace.