Monday, October 08, 2007

Waukesha DA: Cave-In on Illegals?

As usual, you have to read past the headline. In the middle of the story here, we find that the new Waukesha County DA, Brad Schimel, is into 'selective' enforcement.

Paul Bucher had applied for authority for Waukesha County to pursue immigration cases and initiate deportation proceedings, but his successor (or Vrakas?) took some heat and backed off.

Waukesha County considered seeking that special authority earlier this year, but officials dropped the matter after community leaders privately raised concerns about a potential police crackdown.

Of course, one immediately asks "Which OTHER civil or criminal offenses are "politically radioactive"?

Perhaps Brad Schimel has the answer.

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Lois said...

In a case that I watched procede Brad Shimel quietly pursued every possible angle of prosecution until a conviction was at hand. I will wait for more evidence that he is abandoning this pursuit.