Monday, October 08, 2007

Latin American Bishops: No Eucharist for Abortion-Supporting Politicians

In marked contrast to the 'kid glove' treatment afforded in most of the US, the South American Bishops have declared that abortion-supporting politicians should not be admitted to Communion.

In the wake of a clandestine abortion performed on a retarded woman with the help of the nation's health minister, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio and other Catholic authorities have let loose a torrent of criticism against the promoters of the "death sentence" for unborn children in Argentina, as well as other anti-life policies and customs

The cardinal made the remarks while presenting the final version of the "Aparecida Document", a joint statement of the bishops of Latin America regarding the situation of the Church in their countries. The document, approved by Pope Benedict XVI in July of this year, makes a very clear statement regarding the consequences of supporting abortion, disallowing holy communion for anyone who facilitates an abortion, including politicians.

The text states in paragraph 436 that "we should commit ourselves to 'eucharistic coherence', that is, we should be conscious that people cannot receive holy communion and at the same time act or speak against the commandments, in particular when abortion, euthanasia, and other serious crimes against life and family are facilitated. This responsibility applies particularly to legislators, governors, and health professionals."

That should be a wake-up call...

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