Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Smokers Now Under the Bus; MD's Next?

Huebsch offered to screw 25% of the State's population (we should be surprised?)

Huebsch said he made an offer to the governor Monday that provided more funding for corrections, the University of Wisconsin System and health care programs touted by Doyle.

His proposal included a 75-cent increase in the cigarette tax, 50 cents less than an earlier offer. Huebsch said he offered a lower cigarette tax increase now, in part, because of news that the state will get $76 million more in federal aid than earlier anticipated.

Next: hospital patients? motorists? talk-show hosts?

Nope. Doctors!!!

Huebsch said that in his latest offer, he would go along with a $175 million transfer from the state fund that pays medical malpractice claims. Doctors have said they will sue the state if money is taken from that fund.

This makes sense. First we concern ourselves with healthcare costs, then we steal money from the MDs. Maybe Mike thinks the MDs are stupid?

'S OK, Mike. Spend more. Tax more.

Act RepubliCrat.

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