Monday, October 15, 2007

P I Attorney Description(s)

From the pen of LawDog, a few phrases describing the attorney who brought suit on behalf of the Floriduh cop-ette who injured her knee in the course of duty:

You two-bit, four-flushing, dirty, rotten, knee-biting, inbred vomitous mass.

You meretricious, soul-less, microcephalic, forked-tongued carbuncle in the armpit of humanity.

Is your mother proud of this, or -- as I suspect -- did you spontaneously spawn as the gelatinous mass in the bottom of a used jock-strap bin, thus sparing any woman the utter humiliation of admitting that she failed to drown you as soon as she saw the cruel, debased and sadistic gleam in your porcine little eyes -- you complete and utter vulture; you black-hearted, slime-trailing little invertebrate.

For the record, LawDog doesn't think much of the client, either....

You, madam, you and your attorney, are a prime example of why public floggings should never have gone out of style.

Nicely done, LawDog!!!

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