Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cutting to the Chase on Catholic "Music for Worship"

A very pleasant fellow in London (a newspaperman...) has a modest proposal.'s my suggestion to the clergy. At the beginning of tomorrow's service, announce a complete ban on guitars in church – and listen to a great cheer go up from the pews.

Why the Hell not?

A few nights ago at a social event I listened to two gentlemen laugh (yup, LAUGH) about the inane "music" used at their Parish. That's not a good thing.

And there's simply no good reason for this fraud to continue--other than the revenues-and-royalties scam involved for ICEL and some "composers" who wouldn't be allowed to be copy-boys for Mozart. Not even for Phil Glass.

Just do it.


Lois said...

No one sings there anyway.

jaymo... said...

most singing i've ever heard in a service was at a lutheran funeral.

the only thing worse than having a guitar play chords that sound better on an organ or piano is a choir leader that talks more than one of those new age rabbi's that joke more than they say their peace about god.

now would it kill catholicism to occassionally mix in one of the more moving gospel numbers? doesn't even have to be very up-tempo. as a young person in church, my parish has had the same hymn books for all 20 years i've attended and it wouldn't hurt to mix in something else.

Dad29 said...

Since Popes, Bishops, and Liturgeists have not yet 'killed' Catholicism, gospel music won't, either.

However, Gospel music is not appropriate for the Mass. Great for non-Mass services, maybe...

But not for the Mass. The objection? It doesn't meet the 'universality' requirement. Sacred music must be 1) beautiful, 2) 'universal', and 3) 'holy.'

Another way to phrase it: it must lift both the mind and the heart to God. Gospel doesn't fill the bill.

But I like the stuff, in small doses--like country.